A purveyor of absurd comic songs...





Taking bizarre musical ideas and crafting them into shape with ridiculous rhymes is the hallmark of David Goody - a purveyor of absurd comic songs. In a world of bland ballads and prosaic lyrics there is a need for more music about hypnotised chickens, quantum physics, biscuit psychology, fascist fruit and the Coventry inner city ring road.

Using strange instruments such as an Omnichord, 3 string guitar, slimline ukulele, suitcase banjo and dulcimer this approach has created such comic songs such as Amy Winehouse's Guide To The Seaside, Tinky Winky's Gone Postal, Born To Be A Barista, The Hip Hop Women's Institute and The Dark Heart Of Simon Cowell.

These songs have been performed at the Glastonbury, Godiva, Motofest and End Of The Road festivals as well as venues such as the Ricoh Arena and Albany Theatre. He's even performed songs mocking X Factor and Britain's Got Talent at auditions for the respective shows.

David has also been the bass player in 80% Movement and A Wing & A Prayer, a member of Bill Drummond's The 17, has had a (briefly) best selling ebook called Thoughts On 1000 Beers and continues to write on the 3000+ beers he has tried.